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What is the Member Exclusive limited series?

The demand for our limited batches was extremely high, so much so, that our last one sold out in 24 hours. And unfortunately, many Jot loyalists frequently missed out. So, as a thank you to our subscribers, we're not making our small batch releases a

How does the Member Exclusive coffee work?

The Member Exclusive limited batch coffee is just that: a rotating, small batch brew of some of the world's most remarkable coffees available exclusively for subscribers. These coffees rotate every couple of months, and are delivered at your desired

How can I add Member Exclusives to my subscription?

One of the major perks to being a subscriber is access to our new Member Exclusives - a rotating series of limited edition brews. Each release will offer an entirely new experience only available to our subscribers. To add these unique brews to your

How do I become a member?

Lucky for you anyone with a Jot subscription is considered a member and has access to all Member Exclusives and perks directly through the portal.