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What is the Member Exclusive limited series?

The demand for our limited batches was extremely high, so much so, that our last one sold out in 24 hours. And unfortunately, many Jot loyalists frequently missed out. So, as a thank you to our subscribers, we're not making our small batch releases available to subscribers year-round.

These Member Exclusive brews will have an emphasis on origin and unique tasting profiles not commonly available to the everyday coffee drinker. Rotating throughout the year, these exclusive batches will complement our staples, Original and Dark, adding something unexpected to your monthly deliveries.

We're always on the lookout for new experiences within the world of coffee and our Member Exclusive releases are our way of sharing what we discover with our community.

Add Member Exclusives to your subscription here (simply click "Edit Subscription" -> "Add Product" and you'll see our current Member Exclusive as an option).

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