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How does Jot source its coffee beans?Updated 2 years ago

At Jot, we understand that the choices we make as a company directly impact the communities that grow our coffee and the planet as a whole.

We prioritize growers who practice regenerative agriculture. In short, every bottle of Jot we produce for your enjoyment is also a benefit to the well-being of the land and those who work it.

In addition, Jot has committed to making gender equity a top priority in our supply chain. 

While women do nearly half of the world’s farm work, women’s labor is traditionally and systemically undervalued. To help address the lack of opportunity for women growers, Jot has signed on with the Partnership for Gender Equity as a founding member of its Gender Equity Index, a first-of-its-kind industry tool for measuring gender equity at origin.

As part of this commitment to gender equity, we have made it our pledge to source the majority of our beans from women-owned farms and cooperatives. Read more about how Jot is working to advance gender equity here.

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