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What is Jot?

What is Ultra Coffee?

Jot is everything you love about coffee times twenty. We've extracted the best of every bean into a liquid 20x more concentrated than traditional coffee. We call it Ultra Coffee: the purest coffee in the world, made for making whichever way you like

Where can I find Jot recipes?

We're always experimenting with new ways to use Jot. From Pumpkin Spice Jot Lattes to Irish Ultra Coffees to Ultra Mocha Caramel Fudge Brownies, there are infinite ways to explore Ultra Coffee's pure potential. We also have recipes for home "barista

How do I use Jot?

We created Jot Ultra Coffee to be the purest, best-tasting coffee concentrate in the world, made using a unique brewing method that perfectly captures the richness and nuance of truly great organic coffee in an ultra-concentrated form.With just one t

How is Ultra Coffee made?

Our manufacturing process is an industry first. Ultra Coffee is made using a unique progressive enrichment process that lets us extract every nuance of pure, rich fresh coffee flavor at a 20x concentration, unlike any other form of coffee. This is wh

What are Ultra Coffee's ingredients and nutrition facts?

Jot's ingredients are just filtered water and coffee beans – that's it, with the exception of our flavored varieties which also have natural flavor. Please see the attached image for our nutritional facts.

How does Jot source its coffee beans?

At Jot, we understand that the choices we make as a company directly impact the communities that grow our coffee and the planet as a whole. We prioritize growers who practice regenerative agriculture. In short, every bottle of Jot we produce for your